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Reliable Immigration Firm for Visitor Visa in Greater Vancouver

There is a variety of reasons why one would want to visit Canada. A country as beautiful as Canada is a hotspot for tourists looking to travel. You may have loved ones who you wish to visit in Canada or loved ones that want to visit you in Canada. For this to happen, you must obtain a visitor visa (some country exceptions apply). Score Immigration and Fingerprints Services in Greater Vancouver can help you with the process.


This is not as simple as it sounds. You must convince an Immigration Officer of Canada that your sole intent is only to visit, whether for loved ones or tourism and that you will leave the country by the prescribed time of your visa (usually six months). This can be challenging in a lot of cases. That’s where we come in. Doing it yourself and doing it incorrectly can harm your future chance of ever being issued a visa to revisit Canada. There is a reason why we are considered professionals in this field.


Our vast experience with previous files helps guide you in the right direction. Don’t ruin prospects by saving a few dollars today. Call us for a consultation on any visitor files you may have in the pipeline from before or any future applications you may wish to make.

Need Help With Visitor Visa?

Our knowledgeable team can help you with the process.

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