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Trusted Provider of Fingerprinting Services in Surrey

Trust Score Immigration and Fingerprinting Services for reliable digital fingerprinting services in the  Surrey Delta area and across the Lower Mainland. We do an electronic capture of fingerprints through a digital scanner. The scanned fingerprints are sent via a secure link to the RCMP National Repository of Criminal Records. The prints are compared with their criminal record database. Should a criminal record exist, a copy of your criminal record will be provided to you in the form of a report containing information such as file numbers, the date and place of sentencing and charge etc. If no record is present, you will be issued a certificate indicating a clear record. We are Surrey's # 1 trusted Fingerprint and Police Check Agency. We are fully accredited by the RCMP.

Who Needs Digital Fingerprinting?

  • Applicants for passports, visas, work permits, foreign travel and US waiver

  •  Pardon or record suspension applicants

  • Employment with corporations and agencies

  • International adoption applicants

  • Security license applicants

  • Permanent resident, immigration and citizenship applicants

  • Name change

Fingerprint recognition technology

Processing Time

  • If no record –7–10 working days

  • If record found–approximately 120 days or more


Applicants must have two pieces of valid Government-issued identifications and out of which one must be a photo ID. All identifications must be current. We recommend that you also bring with you a letter or file number from the requesting sources, if applicable. If results need to be sent to a third party, please bring their address with you for delivery.

Acceptable Identifications

  • Passport

  • Drivers license

  • Student permit

  • Nexus card

  • Citizenship card or document

  • Permanent resident card or record of landing

  • BC Care card

  • Certificate of Indian status

  • Birth certificate

  • Government ID

  • Work permits

  • Military Family ID


Digital fingerprinting –$ 60.00 (including tax)
(plus $25.00 RCMP fee if applicable).

Method of Payment

We accept cash, debit and major credit cards.

  • Thinking About Applying for Canadian Citizenship?
    It can be the most exciting time for anyone looking for a brighter future in this great country. You must be a permanent resident of Canada prior to making an application. Becoming a Canadian citizen grants you more privileges than a PR, such as having the right to vote and eligibility to apply for a passport. In order to qualify, you must have spent at least 1095 days in Canada within the five-year period prior to applying. Contact Score Immigration and Fingerprints Services in Greater Vancouver to help you with the application process.
  • What Other Canadian Citizenship Requirements Must I Meet?
    Filing of Canadian taxes (if you are required to) for at least 3 years within the last 5-year period and proving your ability to speak English or French (if you are between 18 and 54 years old when you apply) will not be inadmissible.
  • Do I Need To Take a Citizenship Knowledge Test?
    Yes. If you are between the ages of 18 –54 years on the day you sign your application, you will be required to write a multiple-choice knowledge test.
  • How Do I Start an Application?
    That’s what we are here for. Call or e-mail us for more information on how to proceed.

Have Any Questions?

Our fingerprinting experts can answer them. Schedule an appointment today.

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