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Permanent Resident Card

A valid permanent resident card is almost always a necessity when travelling outside of Canada as proof you are a permanent resident of Canada. To be eligible for a permanent resident card renewal, you must already be a permanent resident of Canada. In addition, your application must be submitted in Canada. There is also a requirement that you have spent a minimum of 2 years within Canada in the last five-year period prior to the date of applying. A PR card is valid for a 5 year period once issued.

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Re-Entry Upon Leaving Canada

In limited circumstances, it is possible to have an expired card and still return to Canada. Returning to a land border in a private vehicle can allow you to produce alternative documents to show proof of permanent resident status. Some examples of private vehicles include a car, truck, motorcycle, or vehicle that you own, borrow, or rent.


If you intend to leave Canada by a commercial vehicle, airplane bus, train or boat, you cannot return to Canada without a valid permanent resident card. In these circumstances, you must apply for a permanent resident travel document overseas to return.

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