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Immigrate to Canada Through Express Entry

When you need help with the Express Entry application in Greater Vancouver, contact Score Immigration and Fingerprints Services. As compared to other countries, the Canadian Express Entry system is not as rigorous. Hence, making it easier to qualify. As the world faces so much uncertainty, Canada has only increased its immigration quota for 2021-2022 and onward instead of cutting down. Express Entry is a points and merit-based system that the International community at large has very well received. Preference is given based on many factors, including age, language skills, education, work experience, etc. 


Let us help you navigate this system so that you can be the next candidate invited to join in on the dream of becoming a permanent resident of this great country called Canada. Let us carve the way to a better future. Call us or come by our office to get an assessment done on your particular file. (Have all your details in hand as they are required to calculate your EE score).

Apply for Express Entry in Canada

We can help you immigrate to Canada permanently with an Express Entry application.

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